Jewelry Care

Most of our jewelry as well as its elements are plated. Plating is the process of applying a thin layer of metal on a metal surface. It is done by the process of electrolysis and the final result affects only the color of the object and not its texture. The plating colors that you will see in our handmade jewelry are mainly the gold plating of yellow gold 24K and 9K. Gold plating is a thin layer of gold over silver or brass. To maintain the color of the jewelry as much as possible, it needs care and attention. The color of the plating wears out over time. In no case can you avoid this wear, except to slow it down. Remember that the color of the plating leaves with the friction, use and PH of the skin and leaves the silver or brass visible. This is an inevitable process. To delay the wear of the plating paint, it would be good to take off the jewelry when you wear creams, lotions, perfumes and when you wash dishes, take a shower, go to the sea, to a swimming pool, or to a spa. It would be good to store the jewelry in a case away from heat and sunlight. Generally be careful not to come into contact with chemicals, as these can cause permanent damage to your plated jewelry. We do our best for the quality of our jewelry, but some damage is likely to occur over time. In this case and if possible we offer you free repair 3 months after the purchase of the product. Shipping costs will be at your own expense.